Kits without primers or fuse. $45.00 2 for $88.00
Kits WITH primers and fuse $55.00 2 for $105.00


Includes Shells, Wads, Tubes, Our Formula and Everything Needed to Load 10 Cartridges with our formula or yours. No powder included.

37mm RELOADER'S KIT, Everything included to reload TEN 37mm rounds except the powder. A Standard Grenade formula is also included.

(Our #, not hers!)
Mighty Neat Stuff
37mm M79 Launcher and Ammo
Mighty Neat Stuff
Union Square Box 404-107
Southbury, CT 06488
100% Civilian LEGAL
NO Paper work needed
NO ID Card
NO Pistol Permit
NO Drivers License
NO Green Card
NO Pink Slip
NO Pin Number
Prices starting at ONLY $280.00.  Pictures coming SOON

Legal 37mm AMMO

STANDARD GRENADES, A Humongous BANG with a bunch of smaller pops.
$10.00 each 5/ $48.00 10/ $90.00

SUPER GRENADES, A BIGGER Humongous BANG with a bunch of smaller pops.
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00

DRAGON BANGER, (not pictured) See a STAR Burst with an EAR SHATTERING Report, a Blinding Flash of White Light, and a Gigantic Smoke Cloud!!!!
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00

SILVER RAIN GRENADES, (not pictured) Hear a THUNDEROUS Explosion and See a Brilliant SILVER SHOWER !!!
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00

COLORED Fireworks GRENADES, (not pictured) See a Burst of SPECTACULAR multi COLORS with a LOUD, Gigantic Explosion!!
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00

SMOKE SIGNALS, 6 Different Colors available, Billows over 60,000 cu. ft. of THICK smoke.
$10.00 each 5/ $48.00 10/ $90.00

RESCUE and SIGNAL FLARES, Available in 7 different colors.
Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Silver.
They leave a BRIGHT colored streak in the sky. Visible DAY or NIGHT.
$10.00 each 5/ $48.00 10/ $90.00