Kits without primers or fuse. $45.00 2 for $88.00
Kits WITH primers and fuse $55.00 2 for $105.00


Includes Shells, Wads, Tubes, Our Formula and Everything Needed to Load 10 Cartridges with our formula or yours. No powder included.

Need a Formula and the Fixin's for something you want to reload? Go to for everything you will ever need, and MORE.

(Our #, not hers!)
Mighty Neat Stuff
37mm M79 Launcher and Ammo
Mighty Neat Stuff
a division of Mr. Joe Alexander
9 Union Square Box 404-107
Southbury, CT 06488
100% Civilian LEGAL
NO Paper work needed
NO ID Card
NO Pistol Permit
NO Drivers License
NO Green Card
NO Pink Slip
NO Pin Number
Prices starting at only $300.00 per Launcher

Collapsible or Fixed Butt Stocks, Horizontal or Vertical forearms and 16" barrels available for a few dollars more.

Legal 37mm AMMO

STANDARD GRENADES, A Humongous BANG with a bunch of smaller pops.
$10.00 each 5/ $48.00 10/ $90.00

SUPER GRENADES, A BIGGER Humongous with a bunch of smaller pops.
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00

EXTREME FLASH BANG GRENADES, (not pictured) Explodes with an EAR SHATTERING Report, a Blinding Flash of White Light and a Gigantic Smoke Cloud.
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00

SILVER RAIN GRENADES, (not pictured) Hear a THUNDEROUS Explosion and See a Brilliant SILVER SHOWER !!!
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00

COLORED Fireworks GRENADES, (not pictured) See a Burst of SPECTACULAR multi COLORS with a LOUD, Gigantic Explosion!!
$12.00 each 5/ $58.00 10/ $110.00
SMOKE SIGNALS, Billows over 60,000 cu. ft. of THICK smoke.
$9.00 each 5/ $43.00 10/ $80.00
RESCUE and SIGNAL FLARES, Available in 7 different colors.
Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Silver.
They leave a BRIGHT colored streak in the sky. Visible DAY or NIGHT.
$9.00 each 5/ $43.00 10/ $80.00