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Mighty Neat Stuff
26.5mm Flare Pistols and Ammo
Mighty Neat Stuff
Union Square Box 404-107
Southbury, CT 06488


$125.00 VERY Limited Quantities Holster NOT Included.

26.5mm FLARES

PARACHUTE FLARES; Call for Prices and Availability.

RED RAIN RESCUE FLARES; THREE RED streaks across the sky.
RED RESCUE FLARES; See a bright RED streak across the sky.
GREEN SIGNAL FLARES; Leaves a bright GREEN streak across the sky.
WHITE SIGNAL FLARES; See a bright WHITE streak across the sky.
ORANGE SIGNAL SMOKE; Billows 50,000 cu. ft. of bright ORANGE smoke.
BLUE SIGNAL SMOKE; Billows 50,000 cu. ft. of bright BLUE smoke.
BLACK SIGNAL SMOKE; Emits 50,000 cu. ft. of super thick BLACK smoke. Easy to hide behind.

Each of the Above:
$7.00 each 5/ $33.00 10/ $60.00